Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Week 62 April 2, 2012

Milagres! Milagres! Milagres!!!
Well, the title just about explains it. We are seeing miracles here in Santarém, it didnt take long for it all to start. So I will get right to it:)
First, my companions name is Elder Lefevre, he is from Detroit, and he is awesome!! He is a hard worker, and has a ton of faith. That faith has helped us to see so many miracles every single day together so far. Seriously, EVERY SINGLE DAY we have seen big miracles!! Haha he told me that this has probably been the hardest week of his mission in terms of faith, and it all worked out for us:) Elder Lefevre has just two more transfers left in his mission, so I look forward to working super hard for the next two transfers and setting the pace for the end of my mission too. He was orginally part of the Porto mission, so I knew him from before the combination, and I always knew he would be a good Elder to serve with.
This transfer is going to be one just PACKED full of miracles, I have no doubts about it. The Lord has revealed to us what it is that he wants us to accomplish this transfer, and we are going to work every day for it. It started with last weekend, aka, yesterday.
Second, I wasnt able to assist any of general conference this weekend.... and I will tell you why....
After 4 days of knowing our good friend and brother, R R, he was baptized:):) The Lord revealed it to us, and it happened. R had not came to church in over a year, he had been taught by various missionaries in the past, but NOW was his time. Pretty much we went there, met him, and then told him that the Lord wanted him to prepare to be baptized a couple days later..... and he told us that he had been wanting a change. So it happened, it was not at all easy!!! We had our battles, but it was just a trial of our faith, we HAD to show God that we were worthy and had the faith to be able to see this miracle. And by the grace of God, and by his power, we saw miracles in this mans life. We walked to the church, Sunday night, drenching wet in the rain, sat down, listened to the prophet speak, and then went down stairs and had the baptism.
What I have learned more and more and more as my mission has passed by, is that it is all about FAITH. FAITH DOES EVERYTHING!!! Faith moves mountains!!! But I think that there is two parts of faith, the faith that we must show through our actions, and the faith that we must keep in our hearts, its the NEVER DOUBTING part. After doing everything we can, we cannot let our hearts fail us, and begin to doubt that it will happen. We must let the Lord know that we have done what we have done (it is never EVERYTHING, if it were we would be perfect), and that we will rely on him to do the rest. We must be as children, never doubting for one second, that the Lord will do his part.
What a great lesson huh?!!! How could I have ever learned this without serving a mission? I feel so blessed to be out here in the mission field! So many times I think, I would love to just keep serving and serving and serving haha at least until I feel mature enough to come back to the real world and get married and all that scary stuff. Hahaha I really got to use my time well here in the mission to prepare for those next steps, because I dont feel too ready for that.
There have been several times this last week when we have just stopped, before coming home, said a prayer to ask the Lord to guide us, felt a specific place to visit, and find someone there waiting for us. These people are new investigators that we are preparing to be baptized now. For example, yesterday we just felt like we needed to visit an investigator that we havent been able to get ahold of. We got there and someone had recently died in the neighborhood. He told us that he was expecting us to come, we went to the families house, we blessed them, and now we are returning here in 40 minutes to teach them. God guides us, when we want to be guided. When we knock on the door, he answers.
I know this work is true, of that I have no doubt. I know that God wants to direct us in our lifes, and he will, if we are willing to follow him. I am a believer:) I believe in God, and in Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Ghost. I am a man of hope, and faith, One Day, will always be in my heart, no matter the circumstances. Faith is not knowing what is going to happen in the future, but trusting in God that he will be there for you to help you with your desires and hopes.
I love you all, I feel like the luckiest guy in the world, being out here in the mission. I have seen my life change so much, and it just continues to get better and better. My heart is full, I dont know what else to say haha. So I will end by saying this, a quote from a good friend of mine,
The Church is true, What else matters?
Love you all!
Elder Hatch

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