Friday, April 20, 2012

Week 64 April 16, 2012

Well, You know how the when the game starts getting closer and closer to the end, it just gets more and more intense? That is pretty much how I am starting to feel right now. I have nothing to lose, haha, I am in this game until the end. I have always given my mission a good effort, just like I always gave the game a good effort, but now I want to have the best 4th quarter of my life. I want to come out of this one a complete and full out WINNER.
There are a lot of things that determine what i can do to win, and the most important of them all is if I come out feeling like I gave it my all. If I feel like I pushed myself harder and harder until the last day. I am not even close to the end hahaha even if my parents and family want to tell me I am, but I will take there advice and start acting like every single second is the last.
I have a lot to do here in Santarém. Thats probably the simplest way to put it. I am very glad that I am with a great comp. Elder Lefevre, that wants to work hard with me. Its like a tag team, we work together well, and he is a super good example to me. I know that the Lord sent us together here with a great purpose, to do the things that we have never done before, and be the missionaries that we have never been before. If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got. Well, I gotta make more and more changes in my life to see this progression continue to influence my life and change my life into the person that God wants me to be.
There isnt much to say about these last couple of weeks, we have lost a couple of battles that we could have won. But it all comes with experience and it all comes with purpose, I know that there is a lesson that we need to learn in this time of difficulties, there is always a lesson to learn from the difficulties. Half of this transfer has already come and gone, and I have so much more that I need to do and so much more to grow. I look forward to a clean plate to start things and see miracles from the beginning.
I feel very humble for the opportunity that I have to serve the Lord and serve his called missionaries here in Santarém, in Portugal. I look forward to giving it my all. I ask that all of you help me give it my all and dont ever let me let down.
I want to testify to you all what the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has done for me. It will be short, but I hope you all can feel the sincerity in these words.
What is the importance of the restored Church of Jesus Christ in these latter days? To help us and bless us in our lifes. Christ established his church for that very reason, so that we could become better and return to our Heavenly Father. He created the church knowing the difficulties that we would pass, and the things that we needed to do to overcome them. He established a perfect Church to bless us. And that is exactly what it has been for me.
I know that the Church of Jesus Christ is perfect, and will change our lifes for the better if we allow it to. My life is a witness of that. Through the Church I know that I have and am becoming a better man, and I know that the base of my life has been established. My invatation to all is to test God, and follow him. Prove him! Show him that you want to know if his gospel is true, by putting into practice the things that he taught. Its simple, put into practice the things he taught, and let him make a miracle in your life,.
I love you all
Elder Hatch

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