Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Week 66 April 30, 2012

Hey Fam!!
Well, this week was super good!!  I loved it, it started out pretty hard, but ended out really well.  I learned a ton from it and grew a ton from it as well.  What did I learn?  Stick it out and trust in the Lord to do his miracles.  
We have been working a lot with a man named I our good friend.  He has some problems that we have been working with, but everyone has problems, so it was normal.  Pretty much to put this story into a shell, we didn't expect him to come to church on Sunday, he came by himself, and for one of the first times in his life, he was knocked out by the spirit.  He loved it!!  He felt so good, he wanted more:)  And that is exactly what happened.  We invited him to be baptized that very day, and he was.  He is now a member of the church with a bright new future, making those big changes.
Sorry I just put a HUGE miracle into a couple of words, I just really don't have that much time today.  I have an appointment here in like 20 minutes.... they called right now, I have to go haha.
This morning before coming to do internet we had one of my favorite lessons in my entire mission.  We have been praying and praying for a man named N, and been searching for him for a long time now, and out of nowhere he called us and told us that he wants to meet up with us.  After having a super spiritual lesson in the church house, we marked him to be baptized this Sunday.  He is super excited to make these changes in his life, I can't even explain how prepared this man is!!!  
Dang, I feel bad that I have written like nothing this week, but ya, life is super good we are seeing a ton of miracles!!!  I will write them all down really well to tell you all in the phone call coming up pretty soon.  I love you all!!!
Elder Hatch

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