Monday, May 7, 2012

Week 67 May 6, 2012

Well, today is officially the first day of transfer number 12 in my mission.... wow, its going by fast.  This week I will enter into the fourth quarter of my mission, aka the time to do some serious work.  I love fourth quarter, its where the good seperate from the best:)  Its the time for me to really shine and work with all the might that I possibly can.  All the heart all the soul (right now I am holding up my four fingers like they do in texas football games).  I am lucky to have Elder Lefevre here with me to start my fourth quarter, because this is his last transfer and he is a hard worker, its going to be transfer FULL of miracles!!!
Speaking of miracles, I stand all amazed of the things that I have seen this last week.  I told you all about N, that we found and marked last week, well he was baptized and it was pretty much one of the coolest and most spiritual that I have seen.  He was probably one of the most prepared investigators that I have seen in my entire mission, serious, the guys was ready to change his life completely!  I remember the night that we saw him walking down the big hill in the street, we ran after him haha caught up to him and said a prayer.  From that moment on its been just miracles with him.  I think that he is a future bishop or at least branch president, becuase he is just super strong!  He is from Angola, and ya his dad used to be the President of a country that is trying to declare its independance there, pretty intense.  We are really excited to talk to him about the work done in the temple that he will do for his parents.
Well, as I said, we are into a new transfer, its official that I am staying here with Elder Lefevre, and that we continue to work hard in the area of Santarém.  We are super pumped to have a transfer just full of miracles and to help a bunch of people recieve the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Great expectations this transfer.  Now that we got things runnin a little better with the branch, we  know that the Lord will bless this area a ton, and we look forward to finding more people like Nuno, who are truly prepared by the Lord. 
 Oh, and I am doing a diet right now too, cool huh?  Well, bem, I have been doing a diet for the past couple weeks now, and people are telling me that they are seeing the results, which is cool, I just dont have a scale to see what the facts say.  We started gettin up a little bit earlier so that we can work out more and get into some good shape, because everything just seems to go better when I get a good workout in.  I am seeing that this rule has a purpose.  Every commandment of God has a purpose, even if we dont understand it at first.
Oh ya, this is also President Torgans last transfer as the President!!!  Wow.... its going to be so weird having another President, I trust that God is sending someone like President Torgan, because he just did a TON for all of Portugal.  I cant even explain how much Portugal has changed because of the work and leadership that he put into here!  I am super blessed to be able to recieve training from him and hear from him, because he inspires me and the entire country to just to better!  This wednesday I will go to Lisboa to have a leadership meeting, which I am super excited for. 
Well, I will be talking to you guys in like a week, so write down any questions you got for me...... I will explain everything about my area when we talk because it is just so much easier and faster.  Sorry I never really explain the area or the people, no time hahaha its the life of a missionary here in Portugal.  If President Torgan could he would probably take out Pday haha, I would be somewhat down for it.
Love you all!
Elder Hatch

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