Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Week 69 May 28, 2012

Well, another week just PACKED full of miracles!  Let me get right to it, I dont have much time.
This week we have been working a lot to help the church be really well established and helped the members know what it really means to be a member of the Lords church.  We taught them, showed them what to do, and just reminded them of their baptismal convenants that they made.  And because of the changes that they have been making in their hearts and in the Church too, the Lord has been blessing this area like never before.
This week we worked a lot with a young single mother named C that we have found a couple of weeks earlier.  The way we found her was, we were in a park, we said a prayer, and we felt like we needed to go to another park in another part of the city.  There we found C and her mom M, who accepted us to come to their home one day to speak with them.  It didnt work out for the last couple of weeks, but weeks later, as we were praying, we felt a great impression that she needed to be baptized.  So we went there to her house, and we taught her, and marked her to be baptized.  It was incredible!  She was so prepared by the Lord to hear this message.  About 6 days later she was baptized.  We have marked her mom to be baptized on the 9th, and we are going to baptize her daughter and sister this weekend.  We also want to baptize her father in law. 
We also marked a man from Angola to be baptized on the 9th, who is here in Portugal doing trainings for his job in Angola. His name is A and he is just super cool.  We are excited to help him get ready for his baptism too. 
This week in church we brought 9 investigators, 3 of which were baptized.  At the baptisms we had about 40 people there to watch it, the spirit was SO STRONG!!!  It was just a HUGE event for this area of Santarém and São Domingos!!  Like I said the Lord is blessing this area because of the changes that are being made here. 
E and N are both doing really well.  E recieved the Holy Ghost, and N is recieving the Priesthood this sunday.  He is already going to give a talk too! 
Thats about all I got to say.  I would love to give you all details about these incredible stories, but there just isnt enough time.  I will tell you all about it soon enough.  all in all we are looking to baptize about 7 people this transfer, but we have to work hard for it. 
I feel so blessed to be working with Elder Lefevre and here in Santarém.  When I got here, everyone in the mission knew Santarém to be one of the holes of the mission, just a hard area. But the Lord has used us to come closer to him and to make changes here in the Branch, and because of these changes, Santarém is becoming one fo the best areas.  The Lord is GREAT!
Well Family, I love you all.  Just want you all to know that the Lord is BIG, when we have faith that he is big.  Does that make sense?  The Lord is as big as you make him.  If I believe the Lord is big enough to move a mountain, I can go to a mountain and tell it to move, and it will.  FAITH is everything! 
Love Elder Hatch

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