Friday, June 29, 2012

Week 71 June 11, 2012

Another week has come and gone in my life, and the Lord has just left me there hanging saying, WOW, I CANT BELIEVE IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED!!  haha, its the feeling inside of me that just keeps on growing and growing, I cant explain the miracles that I am seeing here, its INCREDIBLE!!  Every week I get on this computer and I think WOW, this week we saw even more miracles and had even more success!  Sorry I dont have time to give you all the small details about these stories, but there just isnt enough time.  I think you should all understand now why I havent really talked too much about my area or my comp, because I am too busy trying to tell you about how the Lord did another great miracle here in Santarem.  I feel like I am writing scriptures and testifying about how the Lord is doing a great and awesome work here in Santarem, aka we are writing our own story:)
So let me just jump into it again.  Pretty much what is said in 1 Nephi 9:6 is completely true, when the Lord reveals his will, its going to happen, he is preparing the path, we just gotta believe in it, we got to have faith.  This week we had the challenge of having to marry a couple here before the baptism of the lady.  Marrying people really isnt the easiest thing to do, especially here in Portugal.  But we put our trust in God and started working for it to happen.  In the end it happened like this.  Thursday, a random holiday here that we didnt know about, put us in a really hard position of marrying someone the day before or of their baptism.  Friday, we headed to the place to marry people (forgot the word in English... sorry), and the lady just told us that it would be impossible to marry someone that weekend, it was way too quick she said.  But suddenly out of no where she just looked at us and said, but I will try.  So we ran to their house, picked them up, ran back to the marriage place, and talked more with her.  Everything just fell into place.  Right when the lady was saying that it would be impossible again, I guy came up and said, no we can do it, and we can do it today...... wow, the guy was lookin like an angel to me hahaha.  
I realize that this story looks really weird and I didnt really explain it that well, but in the end we ended out marrying two people in the space of like 5 hours, which was supposed to be imposible.  They were both so excited and it just worked out perfectly.  The next day at about 7pm she was baptized.
And she was baptized with another miracle story of a man named A.  A is from  Angola and he is up here to just work and do some trainings, and will return to his country soon, here in a couple of weeks.  He never had planned to meet the Lords church here in Portugal, but the Lord put him in our path, and us in his.  This Saturday A was baptized with M:)  Two incredible miracle stories that I just cant really explain how they happened haha.  
And thats the truth, there is no explanation as to how these baptisms happened, other than the Lord had prepared these two people for that special day.  The two of them had situations that looked impossible to baptize them, but in the end, the Lord showed that he had prepared the way for them both, and for us, his servants.  
So that puts Elder Lefevre and I at 6 baptisms this transfer, and we are looking forward to 2 more.  Its been incredible!  We have had 4 weeks of constant baptisms and this branch is just loving it, this place is warmin up for sure!  What was called the pit area is now becoming a area that baptizes weekly, we just gotta keep it going!
So ya, Elder Lefevre will leave this week, which is really weird!  Time has just flown by for us here, and we have seen so many miracles together.  He has been one of the best missionaries I have seen here in the Portugal mission, and I have been super lucky to have been able to work with him here in Santarem, he has taught me a ton!  
Haha, well, so many things that I feel like I didnt really get across here in this email, but its going to have to work.  I am not really sure who gets them and reads them anyways, haha, I know mom and dad do, but that alone makes it worth it trying to write what I am feeling as a missionary here.  
This next week there will be some changes, I will keep you all on the update on what happens.  I for sure will be getting a new comp, but I think I will stay here in Santarem.  There are more people here for me to help out:)  President Torgan will stay a couple weeks later then the transfer, to help things out, so he is still here, but soon to leave.  
Love you all, Elder Hatch 

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