Friday, June 29, 2012

Week 72 June 18, 2012

Well, so much to write about, never enough time, runnin out of options to know what to say now haha, here I go,
I am not sure what to write about anymore, I feel like I am not giving justice to the miracles that I am seeing here in Portugal, because we pretty much just saw more miracles this week, and its another story that is impossible to explain.  IN the end, we baptized a brasilian named I, and it was pretty much just huge miracles!!!  I dont know if I already talked about him, but about a week and a couple days ago, as he was passing the chapel here in Santarem, he had a very strong impression to walk into the church, so he did, and a member just happened to be there.  So the member called us and we went there and taught him and we just saw from the very beginning that he is someone that the Lord had prepared very well for this day.   A little over a week later, he was baptized, which in itself included a ton of miracles.  
I feel super grateful, thats how I feel right now.  This transfer my zone baptized more than it has ever baptized in the past in the Portugal mission history.  We were blessed to baptize 18 people, which for the Santarem Zone, is unheard of.  The usual for this zone is about 3 or 4 or 5 people per transfer, but through much prayer and a lot of work, the Lord blessed us so much!!  Just shows that there are no HARD areas, just missionaries with a lot of faith, or a little faith.  
The Lord blesses us according to our desires, and if we ask in faith.  My testimony has grown stronger and stronger in the fact that it is the Lord himself preparing these people to be baptized, and our job as missionaries is to simply go there and call them to repentance through baptism.  The more I depend on the Lord, the more he blesses me:)  Simple:)  And this transfer he has blessed me with 7 baptisms, now this next transfer I am going to ask for at least 8:)  I want to progress until the end of my mission.  
Which brings me to my next subject, Elder Lefevre is officially on his way to his home.  Yup, his time is up, and he ended his mission with great success.  I just got to say, I loved serving with Elder Lefevre, we saw so many miracles together, and he has helped me so much in becoming the man that I need to be.  Believe it, Elder Lefevre is one of my best friends, I was lucky to have him as a companion.  And now, I am recieving Elder Andrade here in Santarem.  So yes, I am staying at least one more transfer here in Santarem, just in case someone wanted to send me a letter here........... I am not sure I have received one yet...... wow.  But ya, I look forward to working with Elder Andrade:)  I thought he would be going AP this transfer, but looks like he is headed here to work with me and just see tons of miracles:):)  He is from Cape Verde, and he is a stud.   I will tell you all more about him when I get to know him better.  
And, President Torgan is close to the end of his time as well.  I am not sure exactly when my other President will get here, but I know President Torgan should be staying here for another 2 weeks, so it should be really good.  I could spend pages and pages and pages writing things about my mission President, Torgan, but I will some it all up by saying, I literally believe he is the living Moroni.  
I have a lot of high desires for this transfer, I want to see more miracles, and I know what I need to do to see them.  I look forward to helping my zone baptize more then 18 people, and baptizing more than 8 people in my area.  I have a great desire to just keep working up the hill and gettin better every day.  Welcome to my life;) Love you all!  You guys are going to have to tell me what to write about because I dont know if you are liking hearing all this.  I am sorry its like HEY ANOTHER MIRACLE THIS WEEK , but thats literally how its been going here.  We have baptized for 5 weeks in a row here and I look forward to baptizing another 6 weeks in a row:)
Love you Elder Hatch

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