Friday, June 29, 2012

Week 73 June 25, 2012

WOW WOW WOW WOW:):):):) 
I just got to talk about what is going on back home first:)  I am so excited for Cory and Katti!!!!!!  Fogo, I cant believe that I am not going to be there when it all happens, but I am for sure there in my heart!!  Hahaha I am so excited, another Hatch family member comin into the show:)  Its the best being a Hatch, I just got to say it, a one of a kind family:):)  I am lucky to have that name too, and I am sure God is sending down another super star to wear that name;) 
Although I will not be able to be on the UPDATE with things with the baby, please let me know about how everything goes and what the update is on  Monday:)  I will be sure to pray a lot for it all:) 
Well, sounds like things are happening there in my home, parents on a cruise, sister in law having a baby (YAY KATTI!!!!  now I am your fan;)), people comin home off their missions, people gettin hooked for marriage, just things happening.  Funny, I remember exactly TWO YEARS AGO what was happening with me:)  I was there, in the house, my family there, my friends by my side, I had just got home from working in the hospital, and my heart was beatin 100 MPH hahaha....... the patriots game.... nah, my mission call:)  Two years ago from this day, I was opening up my mission call, with just tons of drama hahaha.  Little did I know at that point, the things that would happen in my life, the changes that I would make, and the changes that would just naturally happen in my life too.  I feel like I was a little boy at that point, didnt really get the big picture, I still dont really get the big picture, but I will spend my whole life searching for it:)  Thank you family and friends:)  Thanks  for being by my side in the best moments and in the worst, I seriously dont know what I would do without your support.  Thats what true friends are for right?:)  And especially family:)  I hope you have all felt like I have been by your side, and that the experiences of my mission have helped you all in the hard times and good times of the last two years that you have all passed through as well.  Thanks for the memories:) 
So, here I am, in Santarém:)  Things are getting HOT HOT HOT (like Saint George) here and its not really the funnest thing walkin around all day in a shirt and tie..... but its so worth it:)  Ya know, the other day,... bem yesterday, after praying with in Investigator about their baptismal date, and inviting them to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized this weekend, one of them turned to me and asked,  what did you feel?  Let me share with you all what I felt....
As we prayed I had a flash back, I was back with you all again:)  I was back home, where I was comfortable, where I had my friends, a girlfriend, my family, where I could do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted:)  But at that moment, with all the love that I have for you all, I didnt want to be there, I wanted to be exactly where I was, kneeling in a foreign country, inviting two good friends of mine to follow the example of Christ, by being baptized in his church, THAT, is where I wanted to be.  It all became so worth it to me, although I feel like I had sacrificed a lot of my life to do what I am doing, at that moment, it really didnt matter to me, I felt Gods love:):)  I felt his love for those two friends of mine, and it changed everything:)  With tears in my eyes, I told him what I felt.  I felt that all of those sacrifices were worth it, every single one of them, all of the hard times that I have gone through in this my mission, all of the pains, losses, work that I have done, all of it, is worth it to be right here, right now, for the two of you:) 
It was a special moment for me, I really did feel, once again, the Love that God has for his children, for us!  My sacrifices sometimes seem heavy to me, but I guess that is why it is said in the scriptures that those who take upon them their own cross, and listen not to the world, these will inherit my kingdom.  I love that:)  I love the sound of that:)  Because for sure, my cross has been NOTHIN like the cross that Cross took upon himself. 
Its cool isnt it?:)  Serious, think about that:)  Through our sacrifices, we will have our rewards.  God will take care of us, I know that to be true.
So a little bit about my comp, his name is Elder Andrade, and he is from Cape Verde, off the cost of north western Africa.  He looks like he is from Vegas haha I love it.  Elder Andrade is just full of love, he is always laughin and always smiling:)  Makes things super fun for this work.  Elder Andrade is a convert to the church, he was baptized 3 years ago from this last Wednesday.  He has more time as a missionary then he does as a member:)  How cool is that?!  The guy has fire to spread that happiness that has entered into his life, so that makes the two of us.
Today, we are going FISHING!!!!  Hahaha super excited!! Funny huh?  I dont think anyone has ever been so excited to go fishing as I am right now.  We will be fishing with the husband of a recent convert and then after I will be makin some banana pancakes, playing the guitar and singing songs to the whole neighborhood...... okay, maybe not, just the banana pancake part.  AFter we will have a family night with like the whole neighborhood, and get some more people to teach while we are at it. So, vou bazar caras, I gotta bounce, got fish to catch, Love you all!  Elder DJ Hatch

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