Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Week 74 July 3, 2012

Hey family!
So, I really dont have much time, so this is going to be short.  We didnt have time to write yesterday because we went to Lisboa and we had our first leadership meeting with President Fluckiger:)  There are going to be some changes made here in Portugal, but they are the right changes at the right time, we are excited to follow and work with our new President.  I know it cant be anything easy being new Presidents here and I could see that they were tired and a little overwhelmed, but I know that the Lord will bless them so much for these next three years, they are very needed here in Portugal. 
What we are going to change?  We are going to focus a lot on building up the Kingdom of God here and helping all those people that we have baptized in the last 3 years get ready to enter into the temple, and help them talk to their friends about the gospel as well.
But ya, things are going good here.  The mission is super fun and I am loving the new lessons that we learn every single day.  I have decided that its pretty much impossible to explain the things that I see everyday, so i am close to giving up with these emails hahaha.  I will see you all soon enough right?»  I got like 3 transfers after this, I am pretty much already there.  But I wont lie, I am not too excited about going home.  Not that I am not excited to see you all, I just am not excited to go back to a normal life, I feel uncomfortable about it hahaha.  I guess thats a good thing until I get closer to the end.  But ya, love you guys, questions?
Love Elder Hatch 

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