Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Week 75 July 9, 2012

Well, sounds like you guys want to hear about the stories of the week, so here I go:)  Be patient with me about the writing thing, I just get a little tired of it haha, two years straight of writing gets a little annoying sometimes, I just figure its going to be so much better and easier to talk with you all face to face and then I can really get the feeling across and really tell the stories well, so I am excited for those days:)  But I will try to keep up the excitement through the emails until then. 
Maybe some of you have noticed that my English has gotten worse?  I think so.... but I dont really remember, my life be like.
So this week we had some huge miracles happen in our area.  The Lord has really pushed through here and he is blessing this area and this Branch of Santarém a lot:)  We finally got together with the members and we planned out together Family Home Teachers, which is HUGE for this area.  We have been needed Family Home Teachers for a while now, especially because of the recent converts that we have here, and we finally got it done.  It took a couple hours, but in the end they are done, and we are ready to start up the work.  Its been really good being apart of this work here and really seeing the development of the Church here.  I feel proud to say that I have tried to be apart of it and that I am a tool in Gods hands to help the work go forward here.  Now we just got to motivate the members to go out and visit and bless the other members here that are needing it, especially those recent converts. 
The recent converts here that I have baptized are stickin strong, they are doing really well and staying strong to the path.  We have moved our focus a little bit more to helping out recent converts and less active members come to church and feel the Lords love for them, so its been a little bit of a change from President Torgan.  Its a good change, our focus is now taking those recent converts to the temple.
This week we saw tons of miracles with a Brisilian lady named, A, who we baptized yesterday.  We are getting her son ready to be baptized this sunday as well, and they are excited to one day go to the temple:)  This lady was so prepared by God, its unbelievable.  There are a lot of missionaries who have tried to work with her, but it just never really worked out.  The other day we passed by her and I just felt like me and Elder Andrade were the right people to help her be baptized, so we started talking to her, and now she is baptized.  It just felt right:) 
I love you all, I dont have any more time before I get kicked out of the Library, so,
Love you!!
Elder Hatch

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