Friday, August 3, 2012

Week 77 July 30, 2012

Well, I just got my new plans here in Portugal, sounds like my time is up. 
First, like I said last week, my time was great here:)  I loved it, it was super tough, but super worth it.  Like climbing a mountain, and that is exactly what it was, a climb.  When I got here Santarem was the worst zone in the mission, but thanks to God and His great power, he changed that, he showed that He is preparing his sons and daughters in every area, sometimes its just the missionaries that are not prepared to recieve those people.  It started with Elder Lefevre and I having Santarems best transfer ever, and ended with Elder Andrade and I helping a brisilian family unto Christ.  Awesome, I love this area. 
But now its come to an end, the Lord has new plans, just like life, things change.  And now I am headed back to Paradise, yup, you know it, the Algarve  :):)  This time I am headed to Tavira, where I will be a District leader and Branch President.  New experiences to come, more people to help, its going to sweet.  I feel really good about it all, the Lord is giving me a good chance to learn how to lead his church and to bring back the lost sheep there in Tavira.  I will give you my address in case anyone wants to send me something.....????  ;) 
Well, I love you all, I need to go say my goodbyes, 
Love Elder Hatch

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