Monday, August 13, 2012

Week 78 August 6, 2012

Ya know its REALLY weird being in your last area.... I dont know how to feel about it all.  I look around and I think, this is it, this is the area that I will end my mission, and this is the job that I will have for the rest of my mission and time here in Portugal..... 
WOW WOW WOW!!!!  Its scary, home is a scary thing, I dont feel good about it hahaha.  I see some of my good friends going home and I have always thought, well, that wont be me, I am going to be a missionary forever.  :):)  
I am here, this is it, this is my future and my end.  I am an Tavira (Tuh vee rah) ...(I hear so many english, germans, and all sorts of people butcher the way to say it) and my companion is Elder Nielson, who is just an awesome comp already.  We get along super good, he reminds me of a friend that I would have back home, chill and funny.  Elder Nielson is from Denver Colorado and he started his mission one year after I started my mission, November.  He is my branch secratary, so he is helping me out a lot with tithing and getting ahold of things here in Tavira.  I can already tell this transfer is going to be super fun:)
How is it being Branch President?  Well, lets just say I GOT A TON TO STUDY hahaha.  Which is exactly what I will do.  Its my first time actually have the ball in my hands and I get to run the show, so I plan on not doing it my way and learning how to do it the Lords way.  Lucky for me, I got him on my side, He knows what He is doing.  But ya, its been a little overwhelming at first, but I will get a hang of things.  I am going to start interviewing the members and giving them callings.  Along with baptizing here in Tavira, my focus is to train the Priesthood and help them one day be able to take over the branch for themselves instead of having a missionary as the Branch President.  That will be my focus until the end of my mission.  I really really REALLY want to help this branch function on its own, which will help a lot with the missionary work here as well.  Its kind of a big mountain to climb, but its going to be so worth it.  I have already started teaching and preparing some of the branch members to recieve the Priesthood, and I will give them callings this week.  
Its been a lot hahaha.  I wont lie, I had no clue that so much happens in a branch or a ward, I always thought Bishop was just a calling to help people out on sunday and get people on the right path, but I had no idea how much there really is to it.  Please tell Bishop Thompson and Bishop Burton, thank you so much from Elder Hatch!!  And thank you too dad:)  The church manuals are helping me learn a lot, but to be honest I still havent recieved much training as to what I am supposed to do and what are all of my responsabilities, so I am just going to take it into my own hands and study study study, so I know this church like my favorite missionary tie, which I know perfectly;)  
I feel like I am going to leave this place like 30 years older, I even look older.  I dont want to hurt your feeling Devin, but people are telling me I look like I am 26, 27.....;)  Remember when we were in Hawaii and we went to church and the members there asked you what high school you were going to?  Then they looked at me and asked what college I was going to? hahaha joking bro!  But serious.  And serious about the maturing thing too, I really feel the weight of this responsability that I have now.  I like it a lot, it has a lot to do with my Patriarchal Blessing, and I know that it will prepare me for future responsabilities in the church.  Its just a little intense at first when I am on the other side of the interviews and I am the one writing the recommends.  Puts a new spin on life.  
My address, 
Rua Dr. Manuel Trindade
Nº4 R/C Esq.
8800-417 Tavira
Its pretty crazy to hear that Adam is getting close to going home.  Putter should be close behind him too.  I heard the two are going up to BYU after the mission, sounds like fun.  I miss those two so much, but its cool, I will see them soon enough.  Adam thinks he is going to have a girlfriend before me hahahaha I love that guy, he is a stud.  
Welllll, I got to go, my comp needs to cut his hair, I will send you all pictures and stuff next week.  I hope this letter was good to hear at least a couple things about what is going on here.  Look at the pictures online on google or something, this city is super pretty.  
Love you all!!!  Soon you soon;)  One day I will be there.
Elder Daniel John Hatch (Presidente;))

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