Monday, August 13, 2012

Week 79 August 13, 2012

I cant believe it.  I cant believe that Adam is already going home.  ..... haha its so so weird to think that my best bud is actually ending his mission this week and headed back to good ol Saint George, Utah, then just growing up on me and going up to the big BYU.  He better not be engaged by the time I get back hahaha.  I just had to start of  my email like this because Its so weird to see how fast all of this is going by.  I remember the day he picked me up at the MTC, epa, I remember the day he OPENED up his call!!!  And now its all over...well at least the mission part haha.  To my best bud, Whitecloud, AO, I love you man!  Adam has always been such a good example to me, the guy helped me stay out of the world when all I wanted to do was be in it.  Without doubt he is going to come back and you guys are all going to be like, yup, future general authority, haha.  My money is on it.
Two weeks have gone by and I guess I am getting closer to that end as well.  Two days ago one of my MTC district members, Elder Kindt, gave me a call and just knocked my socks off.  He asked me where I wanted to fly home... yup thats right, I got my trunky call.  I told him San Diego, California, so I hope thats alright with you all, I really wanna hit up the beach as soon as I can.  Mom, can you pack some clothes, swim suit, sun glasses, and some tanning oil...... okay okay, I told him that if he couldnt get me to Saint George for some reason, that I wanted to fly into Las Vegas.  I hope thats alright with you all.  If its not Saint George, its Las Vegas, the next hottest city in the states.  It was between Las Vegas or Salt Lake City and I figured that I would get too overwhelmed flying into a city with soooooo many members of the Church (figuring I havent seen a ward  with over 120 people since the Big U.S.A).  But ya, I will let you know what they tell me. 
Ends out the majority of my MTC district is going home in October.....:(  (thats a frowny face) but I convinced at least a few of em to stay with me until the end.  Elder Peck, McGary, Jensen (from STG.. you guys will have to talk to him when he gets back), and Greenland are headed home next transfer, and I am stickin it out with Elder Kindt.  We are making game plans to help each other out until the end, to stay focused and work our hearts out.  I am sure all this talk isnt really helping out my families feelings, but you guys know me, I gotta go with what I feel, and I feel Dezembro:)  The Lord confirmed it when he called me as a Branch President.  Dont get me wrong with my other MTC comps, I respect the decision they made, it comes with a lot of prayer and fasting. 
So, youre all asking about how is Tavira.  Its awesome.  It has a lot of potential.  It has about 29 active members, and I am looking forward to spreading out the work between them all, aka calling them to different positions.  I am also looked forward to getting Visiting Teachers going here, and a lot more things that will get this branch working on its own.  Like I said, my goal is to leave this place with new baptisms and working on its own, without a missionary leading it.  So that is what I am going to pray and fast for. 
My second sunday ran a little smoother then the first.  I am getting the hang of things, but I still got a lot to study in the Manuel of Instructions.  I feel like I have 0 time to study it, but I really need to just sacrifice myself more and get down to work, I know it has a lot to do with who the Lord wants me to be.  So today I am rededicating myself completely to this work.  I want to work as hard as I can and as smart as I can in these next 3 to 4 months. 
I remember Devin telling me that at the end of my mission my heart should be telling me to just keep on serving, but my body should be screaming that it cant go on any longer..... hahahaha well, I feel like I am starting to feel that already haha.  I have never been so tired in my life.  I can already tell that by the time I get to December 4th, my heart is never going to want to leave these members behind, or this great work, but my body is going to be dead.  Football and basketball games were like preschool compared to this fatigue.  I am so grateful for the Lord for keeping me standing, because I know without doubt that it is only because of him that I am still up and going.  He gives me new strength every single day.  I dont understand how it happens, how we walk in the Algarve sun, day after day after day, wake up every morning at 650 do exercises and just do it every single day, but I just know that HE does do it.  He gives me the strength to continue on.  I wonder if this is what it is like to Endure to the End? 
The sun, is hot.  I dont think that I have STOPPED sweating since the second I got here haha.  I never knew it was possible to sweat literally 24 7, but I am a witness that it is haha.  That is all I will say about the weather, I dont want to complain about it, complainers dont get anywhere. 
Well family, please pray for me, pray for my members, pray for the people that I will find and teach.  We have been seeing miracles already, one of which I will never forget.  Christ really does give us the power to cure people, and it all has to do with our faith.  I have been lucky to be a tool in His hands to cure people when not even Doctors can do it.  I love hearing the stories after about how the Doctors didnt know what to say haha.  But ya, thats a story for after the mission and not on email.
I love you all.  I will see you soon.  Keep up the faith, and HOORAH FOR ISRAEL!!!

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