Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Week 80 August 20, 2012

I love you guys::)  You know that?  You feel that?  Haha I just gotta smile when I think about my family, ITS SO AWESOME!!!  I hope you guys know how much I love you and appreciate you all for everything you have done for me, especially being great examples for your little bro and son, Daniel, Dan.  Its so good to have an eternal family, be born in the covenant, be so close to my family.  I never really knew how important all of those things were until I got into the mission and help people try to create the same type of family that I have.  I look at it and I realize, THIS is what I am here to do, help other people have the blessings that my family has.  To forget it Hatch´s and Adams, WE ARE SO BLESSED!!!!  Thanks for everything fam!!
Well, first, I would like to explain that being a Branch President and a missionary at the same time is kind of a challenge haha.  But thats cool, because I love challenges, and I love my calling, because I love my God, that put me here.  I have a calender that goes everywhere with me that reminds me of all of the things that I need to do as a missionary and as a Branch President as well.  Its full. I just got done doing an Auditoria this week (not sure what its called in english, but it has to do with checking up on all of the branch´s finances with a stake representative) and I had no idea that that even happened in a branch or ward.  Makes sense, I just never knew about it.  So they had me watch a bunch of trainings online that actually helped me out a ton.  A LOT TO LEARN.  But I love it.  I am just soaking it in, I want to know how it is all done, so that I can fufill my calling to the best of my ability and also start to focus more on the missionary work again.  
This week I made home teaching assignments, and will also help the Relief Society make visiting teacher assignments.  I will also be interviewing all of the members here and recalling the majority of them to new callings.  This is all just happening right now, this week and the next couple weeks, so its brought me to my knees a lot and fasting as well.  But as I have focused and sacrificied myself for these specific needs here, I have seen that the Lord literally has made things so much easier for me.  At first it seemed like just a huge MOUNTAIN of things to do here, but now I am walking up that mountain, and the top is getting closer and closer everyday.  My companion, Elder Nielson, has been a huge help as well.  He is my secratary and is doing an awesome job.  I think the thing that he has helped me the most with is just keeping me always super happy.  He is a really  fun guy and laughing a lot makes the load a lot lighter.  
I have had such a privelage of getting to know the norms of the Church a lot better, and study them everyday.  It really just amazes me more and more how this Church is ran so well.  This Church truly is Christ´s church, it is organized perfectly.  Its an adventure to try to do my best to know how to run it His way, and most importantly, learn not to focus on the programs, and the numbers, but the people behind it all, the sons and daughters of God, who need us, who need Him.  
As for the actually missionary work, its been a little bit slower than I am used to.  Usually I am just waking up every day ready to focus 100 percent on hunting down the Lords elect, but with new responsabilities, I am having to learn how to do the both of them.  What its coming down to is that I need to learn to just trust in the Lord more.  Stop doing things my way, and start doing it his way, so that he can take the reigns.  I remember, I think it was Sister Prince, she told me that we need to let the Lord take the wheel and follow him.  Thats what I am looking forward to doing more.  
Well, my family, I love you guys a ton.  I miss you all, but I will see you all soon enough.  Until then, God be with you all.  I know he will, I trust in him to do that while I am here in Portugal.  
Oh ya!!!  You guys wont believe it but I have actually been playing the piano in Sacrament meeting hahaha.  Jeez, at first it just made me super nervous haha, big ol Elder Hatch getting back to piano.  It made me feel like I was back in Gloria´s house for a piano recital, just this time we dont get snow cones after....:(  I feel like everyones eyes are on me, which is cool when its something I am good at, but piano.... just not my natural talent.  
Love ya,
Elder Hatch

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