Sunday, September 9, 2012

Week 81 August 27, 2012

Haha wow, I just had to stop reading all my emails and write this before I would stop laughing, I cant believe I just recieved a message from my mom´s iPhone... hahaha I love you mom, youre so up to date, I bet you know more about tecnology then I do right now haha.  I´ll be back in a sec, after reading the rest of these emails:)
Okay, I am back.  Some cool news for those who havent heard yet.  Sounds like Brady is going AP with our old basketball rival from Snow Canyon, thats super cool!  They will both be good leaders for that mission.  He told me that he would also be the Elder helping my good friend Gabi Khaled come in from the MTC into the mission.  Small world, I told her that she would have to look for Elder Brady Johnson when she got there and now she is getting welcomed into the mission by him haha.  She is going to love that western state accent.  
AO is home, and already up at the Big time BYU:)  That was fast Adam, I think I am just going to be crying and sleeping for like the first two weeks after being home haha.  I actually talked with the District President of the Algarve about that.  He told me that after his mission for the next week he literally just slept and slept and slept because his body demanded it.  Thats pretty much how I am feeling right now, my body is demanding sleep but its just going to have to wait for a little bit.  But ya, thats super cool that Adam is already jumping into the game, not going to lie, even the thought of him being home and going to school just makes me SUPER nervous!!  Not nervous for him, he is a stud he will do great, nervous for me, I am not ready for that stuff.  
Someone needs to stop reading this email right now and send Adam a text and tell him he needs to write me until I get back to give me some great advice.  Mom, you can do it with your new iPhone:)  Did someone already send the message?  
Well, other news, looks like I will be looking for a new house again.  The house owner is moving back to the house and is giving us 8 days to find a new house.  She actually wanted to just move back in tonight but we didnt really let her do that, against the rules.  But we have moved everything out of the house and into the chapel already, and now we just got to start looking for a new house.  Reminds me of Covilhã days.  
This last week the District President came and worked with us a little bit here in Tavira and we saw some good success with him.  We got one less active to come back to church, starting in Setembro, we got another less active to make a goal of being completely ready (in health conditions) to come back to church on November 17th, and we got a recent convert to make the goal of recieving the Melquisedeque (sorry I dont know how to spell that in English) Priesthood on the 17th of Novembro as well.  We are also looking to move to another location here in Tavira, and we have a good spot on the other side of the river, so we talked about that as well.  
Probably the coolest thing that has been happening this transfer are the two kids that we are teaching over in Vila Real de Santo António (look it up on google, its the closest city we got to Spain, we see Spain every time we go there).  S and L.  Pretty much it just started like a week ago with us teaching S how to say a prayer, and now him and his whole family are being taught the Gospel.  I never would have imagined that such a small act during the day would be making such a big difference for this family now.  Their mom wants them both to be baptized and agreed to being baptized after she saw the difference that it makes in them.... which means it will happen soon.  Teaching them has been awesome, we marked them to be baptized on the 4th of Setembro, so that their mom can be there at the baptism as well.  I think this time its going to be either in the river or the ocean.  
Branch President news....
Its been awesome.  We have members coming back to church, others preparing to recieve the higher Priesthood, and we it getting more and more people coming to church.  Also this week we started up Family home Teachers, so I look forward to hearing about the miracles that will happen.  
Its already 4 o clock over here and I still got to get a hair cut, so I will talk to you all next week.    Andrea and Layla, I love you both, youre awesome, keep teachin her my name:)  Cory, Katti, and the girls, I love you all, I hope everything is going well for you:)  Baby?  Brinda, thanks for the letter, John and bears, I cant believe how old you all are now (including John).  Friends, Family, anyone else who reads this, I love you too:)´
Com amor para os meus queridos,
Elder Daniel John Hatch

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