Sunday, September 9, 2012

Week 82 September 3, 2012

This week was literally the weirdest week ever haha.  I dont even know where to start... sleeping in the streets, or eating the street cats... haha okay I didnt do either of those but still, it was a fun week.
First, the picture that you can all see there is a picture of Sand L baptism.  It was EPIC.  I love those two soooooo much.  I cant wait to see what the future has for them, and I look forward to helping them learn more and more about following the only true path that leads to eternal life.   Like I explained in the last email home, we found them by simply teaching S how to say a prayer, and now, the whole family is coming to church and the mom is looking forward to getting baptized as well.  She was there at the baptism and she said that she loved it and looks forward to it being her turn as well.  We do too:)  
But ya, we baptized them this morning at 11am, on the beach in Vila Real de Santo António.  Those two other missionaries there with us are two of the most special people that I know, Casal Orsi.  They haved helped out a ton with us.  They are based in Olhão, a city next door, and this week they are moving up to my old home town, hood town, Santarém.  I love that place, and I know that they will take good care of my recent converts over there too!!  
Which reminds me, real quick, do you know what one of the best things in the world is...?  Anyone have a clue?  Having a recent convert that you helped change their life to follow God, call you up and just tell you that they love you:):)  I have gotten a lot of calls from my recent converts lately and I just LOVE it!!!  I love my recent converts sooooooooooooooo much!  I cant wait to help them out and have them help me out, for the rest of our lives.  
So, after the baptism we were looking for somewhere to have a picnic, and the Lord just guided us all to exactly where we needed to be.  While we were eating lunch, a man walked up to us and was like, Are you guys the Mormons?  Ends out he knew exactly who we are, he was a branch President back in Espinho, which is in one of my first areas that I served in, in my mission.  Pretty much he is ready to come back to church and ready to work with us.  He lives in Vila Real de Santo António and we are going to get him to come back to church.  I love Melquisedeque Priesthood holders!!!  
What else happened this week....?  Well, we got kicked out of our house.  We thought we had more time but ya, the owners just came back and were like, We are moving in tonight, so we had to sleep in the streets.... the church.  Funny experience.  Which has also put up a lot of problems, because now we are staying in Olhão and its been a pain going back and forth every single day to and from our area.  We also found a new house which is directly above a Penticostal Evangelical Church... hahaha awesome, I cant wait to just be singing in their with them sometimes, HALELUYAH!!!  Serious, its going to be fun. So we moved to the new house and we have had to deal with all that stuff this week too.  
We have also come to and from Faro a couple times this week, which is even further away.  We went there for Zone Conference, and then a Branch training meeting with the District Leadership.  The two were great experiences, and miracles were happening.  On Saturday night, all of the Algarve Leadership went out together after a training and we went and visited just tons of less active members, tons of great stories!!  
Dont ever forget it that we are so blessed!  I will never be the same after leaving this place.  In so many ways I have changed and matured.  
Add all of that stuff on top of the responsibilites that I have as a branch president, and you just gave me a good week of spiritual growth.  Its been great, that felt like literally the fastest week that has ever gone by in my entire life.  Just so so so so much stuff to do, and so much more ahead of me.  This next two transfers are going to go by in the blink of an eye.  One thing that I have actually felt kinda bad about is that I am not taking that many pictures..... I feel bad about that.  Because I know that I am going to treasure them for the rest of my life, its just, I dont feel like a tourist here haha.  This is my life, the memories are there with me.  Maybe someone can help me change my mind.
Well, folks, thats about it.  Other than a new missionary casal that got here, one of which is from the big STG.  She almost cried when she heard I was from there.... the heart of the church;)  Dont hate it, it came from an apostles mouth:)  
Putter is going home in like 14 days huh?  Crazy stuff.  It doesnt feel real to me.  I dont believe Adam is home, and I dont believe that Putter is going home either.  We are missionaries, and its going to be like that 4 ever.  
I love you family, please pray for me, I need your prayers, and they do make a difference.  You better believe it.  
Love Always, Elder Daniel John Hatch

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