Thursday, September 20, 2012

Week 83 September 10, 2012

Well, I am getting super nervous hahaha.  This is my second to last transfer, and I know how fast a transfer goes by now!  Thats like two blinks of an eye and I am getting thrown back into the real world.  I am going to talk with President about extending even more until next January or something like that.... hahaha joking mom.  All this talk about people home, getting home, getting married, going to school, just gets me nervous.  Help me stay focused for this last little bit of my mission by not telling me about it hahaha.  Joking, say what you want, the time wont get any shorter or longer.  Time is just.  
We had a super cool experience the other day.  We all went up to Lisboa this last Saturday and we had a mission conference with President Fluckiger, Elder Teixeira (Europe Area President), Elder Rocha (Area 70), Elder Richards (70), Elder Rasband, and our new Presiding Bishop, Bishop Caussé.  It was AWESOME!!!  So much authority right there in front of us.  Elder Nelsen of the 12 was in Portugal that morning for a meeting with Portugals leaders (which I was invited to go to being a branch President, but shut down after they remembered that I am just a missionary....;(  ) but had to catch a plane to go open up Russias second stake.  How COOL IS IT TO BE IN THE CHURCH!!  The meeting was pretty much inspiring and I felt very rejuvenated to go out and finish my mission with all of my heart.  They gave us great advice.  Elder Rasband was like, Well, I have heard about the Portugal Missions faith all the way back in Salt Lake City.   I have been SO BLESSED to be apart of this mission at this time.  It is honestly impossible for me to explain the amazing things that have happened here.  
This last sunday we had an amazing sunday.  S and L got the gift of the Holy Ghost, and 2 men that I am considering a ton about taking my spot as Branch President both came back to Church.  They both have amazing stories!  One, Irmão Chaves, has not been able to come to church because of working on sundays, we visited him this week and told him that through faith and prayer, God would open up a way for him to come to church and recieve the Priesthood as well.... well this week he just showed up to church and was like, Yeah, my boss came up to me and told me I now have Sundays off, so I can come to church!!  AHHHHHH SO MANY PRAYERS ANSWERED!!!!!  Such a miracle.  I really feel like he is going to be a leader for this branch.  The other is the man that we found after the baptisms.  He came to church and brought his wife too.  He is super excited to coming back strong and staying strong.  
As I looked into the crowd of members on Sunday, I looked out and saw my future leaders here in T, it felt good to see them ALL here the same day.  I look forward to training them all, helping them recieve the Melquisedeque Priesthood this November, and if I runs as well as I am praying for, when I leave they will take my spot and the missionaries wont have to lead this branch, it will be member ran.  You guys do not understand how happy that makes me.  THIS IS MY GOAL, and what I have been praying for for a long time now, and it is all just coming together!!!!  I love it, I love the Lord, he really does listen to us.  
Lots of work to do fam, but with the Lord, its all going to work out.  A good friend of mine once told me, do your best and leave the rest up to Him.  Thats what I plan on doing.  Pray for me please, I need your love and support more then I have ever needed it before.  Up in the meeting in Lisboa I got to meet up with a lot of my good friends, it was good seeing them all.  As we left me and Elder Peck held up the 4 fingers..... 4th quarter, its getting down to it, you got to love having the ball in your hands:)  I do:)
Love Elder Hatch

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