Thursday, September 20, 2012

Week 84 September 17, 2012

Hey Family!
Well, another week come and gone.  It was a good week, we saw a lot of miracles.  Let me tell you all about it, but its going to be short this week, sorry.  
Well, this week we focused a lot on helping the Priesthood strengthened and helping them get ready to recieve the higher Priesthood, which was awesome.  They are all progressing really well, but as always, some new challenges came up this week with them.  It honestly seems like every single one of them, which are preparing to be the future leaders here in T, are getting attacked by temptation.  Just as God has confirmed it severly times to me that they would be the future leaders here, Satan also knows that, and he is attacking like never before, which is putting me up to a whole new challenge.  I am doing things and dealing with situations that I never thought I would have to on a mission, but I guess it has just came on the Branch President side of things.  I wont lie, at first when the wave of this spiritual attack came I just got down on myself, I felt like I couldnt accomplish what I knew I had to do.  But then I remembered that EVERYTHING is possible with God, and I decided to just trust completely in Him.  So thats what I am going to do once again, trust completely in Him that He will take care of these problems and that He will use me as a tool to bring forth His word and will.  Its been testing haha it really has.  Several times I have had to stick up for the commandments of God in really REALLY hard situations.  I know that God will reward me for sticking up for Him, instead of bending the rules for others.  I heard Jefferey R. Holland once say that it is much better to offend man then it is to offend God.  
After a hard working sunday, I just sat down and watched a little bit of that Fireside that Elder Holland did in St. George because I was just exhausted and had just got done with one of the hardest interviews that I have had.  God really did take care of me through that talk, because Jefferey R. Holland just confirmed everything that I had literally just got done sticking up for.  WHAT AN ANSWER AND COMFORT!!!  I am so grateful to God for everything he has done. 
Other than that we had other amazing experiences.  One day we will literally led by the Holy Ghost to go under a bridge and talk to like 10 homeless people.  Let me just say right now that we were better recieved by those homeless people under the bridge than I have been recieved by the majority of people here.  We taught them and they loved it, they all agreed on coming to church.  And the truth is, 4 of them, without ANY kind of help, CAME to church.  And there, THEY LOVED IT.  They felt the Spirit of God in their lives and now we look forward to continueing to help them.  It made me REALLY feel like a Disciple of Jesus Christ and understand that he really didnt come to get the rich, he came to get the poor.  What an amazing experience I am having with them!
This PDay we had an awesome Pday with M and C.  We were shown around a lot of the Algarve and it was just an amazing relaxer for a minute.  It was exactly what I needed after that battle of a week I had, and now I am pumped to keep on working hard.  
The following are some pictures, the first one someone needs to make sure that they show Adam.  Adam.... take a good look at his shirt:)  Thats a new friend I made here, he was super sick man!  Facebook friends:)
Second is an amazing place that we saw today.  Sooooo beautiful here in the Algarve!
Love you all!
Elder Hatch

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