Sunday, October 7, 2012

Week 86 October 1, 2012

First, I would like to wish my Grandpa Hatch the happiest Birthday EVER!!  Grandpa Hatch, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!  PARABENS A VOCÊ!!  Its hard to explain how I feel about my Grandpa Hatch, I think that everyone that knows him knows what I mean by that.  He is someone that is so very close to my heart and I could never thank him enough for what he has done for me and all of those around him.  
Grandpa Hatch, I know this letter will get to you and Grandma, so I want to thank you on this special day, your birthday, for being a true example to all of us.  My heart is full of love for you Grandpa.  I dont know how you did such a good job raising an amazing family, and I especially have to thank you for raising my father the way you did.  Your influence and the person that you are has had a grand effect on me and THOUSANDS of others that I have been able to meet.  The way you raised your last kid and all of your kids is now blessing many people each day here in Portugal, I AM SO PRIVELAGED TO HAVE THE NAME HATCH, AND TO WEAR IT EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!  
Grandpa, I love you.  I want to let you know that your last Grandson is so very grateful for everything you have done, the honest, and humble life that you have lived, the way you have treated everyone you know, and the way that everyone loves you.  I will never forget going to high school and having a school teacher there tell me how much she loved you and grandma, and how much you taught them.  People all over the world are feeling that affect, the Hatch affect haha.  Also, Grandpa, you raised the boy and man, who has brought me closer to Christ then any other person on this earth, my father.  And I want to thank you for that, I hope and pray that one day I can even come close to the example that you have shown us all.  
Family and friends, its hard for me to write how I feel about Grandpa Hatch, forgive me for not giving him the justice that he deserves in these words.  I love him so much.  Its a privalage being a Hatch, we are the few, we are the proud:)  I wouldnt have chosen any other family to be in. 
Well, here I am once again.  I got two more months in the mission field.  Two more months to do as much work as possible.  it really hit me how fast this time is going to go by and how much I need to grow and learn before its all over.  I need to be more humble, I need to learn more, I need to be better, I need to stick up more for the Cause of Christ.  And all of that is my plan.
I love this Gospel, Eu amo este evangelho.  Its changed me completely, I dont know if any of you have noticed that haha.  Its hard for me to share that through emails, but I will  get a chance to prove it to you all here in two months.  
Life is awesome, life is fun, its so perfect.  Dont get me wrong, when I say perfect I dont mean that cheap excuse of a life of getting everything that we want or being super rich.  Thats not the perfect I am talking about.  I mean God giving each and every single one of personal experiences that help us grow and become more like him.  Its personal, its different for all of us, its truly perfect, this plan is perfect.  Sometimes there are things that we dont understand.  We question Gods plan, or why we would ever have to suffer or go through hard times.  Please, STOP QUESTIONING GOD, we just need to trust him.  Dont let the stupid little things get in the way of our spiritual progression.  
We had a miracle today, with a recent convert, Celestino.  Another miracle that God did, for a son that put his faith in him.  ALL IT TOOK WAS FAITH.   Through faith he saw a miracle.  
I love you fam and friends.  I love you all.  There is so much joy in this work.  I cant explain it, its like a fire within me.  Sorry for the random email, but you gotta deal with it til I am there with you
Love Elder Hatch

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