Monday, October 8, 2012

Week 87 October 8, 2012

Well, anyone else super excited about what happened in General Conference?!  I love those announcements, it reminded me of how this work is going forward at such an amazing rate right now.  We really are getting closer to that glorious day.... my opinion.  
Another good week here in Portugal.  We were super busy with General Conference and making sure that everyone here would get a chance to watch it, so the week went by really fast, and once again, here I am starting up another week.  
I was reminded that it was my birthday this week by a lot of my recent converts and good friends over here.  A lot of them called me up to wish me a happy birthday, some even brought a cake and had a surprise party haha:)  I love my recent converts so much, they really are like family to me.  So I had a great 21st birthday:)):)  Thank you for all of your emails and cards and stuff.  Mom and Dad, thank you so much for sending me those pictures!  I loved them so much, but I couldn't believe that that is my family!!!  You guys look so different, especially the kids, fogo!  They have grown up so much, I am not going to recognize them at all.  I am actually nervous that they are going to pick on me now that they are like bigger than me.  
General Conference was amazing once again, as it always is.  I feel like there are so many answers within those words that were said, and I am going to continue to search them out until I get my answers.  I know they are there waiting for me.  This is how it went these last two days,
15h00 3:00PM Relief Society (I had to be there to make sure the computer wouldn't break down, or the connection.... but I didn't actually watch it;))
17H00 5:00PM Saturday Morning Session Live, because we are a little ahead of you guys there.  
10:00AM Priesthood Meeting in Faro, a city about 30 minutes away by train,
1:00PM Saturday Afternoon Session
5:00PM Sunday Morning Session
9:00PM Sunday Afternoon Session
So ya, as you see, the times were a little bit different because of the difference in time, but it still was super awesome!  I especially liked the words of Jefferey R. Holland, and President Monson in the Sunday Morning session.  wow, those guys just made me want to chuck my old life behind and become a true disciple of Christ.  I think that's how a lot of us felt after hearing from them, now is the important part, actually doing it.  
What do I think about the change in the mission ages?  I think that it's awesome, end of story.  its perfect, if it were not, God wouldn't have made the change:)  I am super excited for all of those youth that are at that age right now, and I hope they are all smart enough to follow the advice of a living prophet and get ready to go now.  This will bring out a lot more missionaries and the work will really go forward a lot.  Cool stuff.
Well, life is good, the work goes on here, and it always will.  I love this gospel and all that it has done for me, and look forward to doing my part for it this week.  
Sorry this letter is super short, I love you all!  The gospel is true, what else matters?
Love Elder Hatch

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