Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Week 88 October 15, 2012

Don't have a lot of time today to write, sorry, I was writing a couple personal letters to people and now I just robbed the people that I love the most of the time to write this email.  Sorry about that, forgive me?
Well, I am loving life.  Its not easy haha but I am loving it.  I prayed for a challenge and that is what I got, but I know that in the end, that is what makes us grow the most, the challenges.  I am grateful that the Lord loves us enough to give us challenges.  Life is full of them huh?  Good thing that we also can have the Lord with us, by our side, to help us through them, if we decide to let him into our lives by doing what he asks too.  That's something that I think I am learning the most right now.  I feel like the Lord is testing me to see if I will be faithful to him, even during the hard times.  I am just lucky to have this little test in such a beautiful place, with such a cool comp, and not like Joseph, in a prison, or Moses, in the wilderness, or Job.  I love the lessons that the Lord teaches us and the opportunities that he gives us to show our faith in him.  Because lots of times we get those questions, like, why does the Lord allow bad things happen to good people, and good things happen to bad people.  Why do disobedient missionaries baptize more than those working to be obedient?  Its a great lesson for all of us to learn, which can be found in Matthew 5:45.  Its going to rain on both the good and the bad, but in the end I hope we will all be able to say that we were faithful to the Lord and his commandments, even during the rain.  Then he will know us, and it will be easy for him to recognize us as true followers of his Gospel.  We will be able to say as Jefferey R. Holland said, Yes Lord, I did love you.  
I feel like that is the kind of trials I am going through at this moment.  I am not baptizing like I was baptizing before, but I am working harder on being more and more obedient to the Lord, because I want him to know, so badly, that I love him.  So that's what we will do, continue to trust in the Lord, and be even more faithful to him during these times of testing.  I feel like especially at this, my closing moments of my mission, I am in a battle that will determine the man I will be for the rest of my life, and both sides are working on me.  I am so grateful for the great love that I feel each and every day from the Lord, and the second chance that he always gives us.  I am grateful to be able to show my faith and love to him, by being more and more obedient, even when at first I don't see the results.  Because when this rain storm ends, I will know that I stuck with Him until the end, and He will recognize me as someone that served and loved Him.  
I love you all family, keep up the faith, especially when it is hard:)  they are the best moments of our lives!
Com Muito Amor,
Elder Daniel John Hatch 

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