Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Week 89 October 22, 2012

Haha, well, what a mix of feelings I am going through right now.  In the end I guess I can just say that I am so happy that I am staying another 6 weeks and staying in the game a little bit longer.  Because I dont feel ready at all to be coming home, it scares me to death.  A lot of my MTC district friends are going home.... today..... fogo!  Thats probably the weirdest part of all, that the people that I entered into the MTC with are bouncing home today, my good friends.  I love my MTC district, I feel like we are all like best friends.  Elder Jensen, Elder McGary, and my boy Elder Scotty Peck are all headin out, Elder Greenland will be heading out in 3 weeks, and Elder Kindt and I are stickin it out a little bit longer.  I am well aware that 6 weeks is going to pass by very quickly, it always does... but it just doesnt seem real to me, I feel like its going to just be another transfer and I might be heading to another area.... é vida.
I feel so grateful family and friends.  I am so grateful for everything that I have gone through and am going through.  I am so grateful to have been privelaged enough to be raised in a good family and to have served my mission up until this point.  I have made friends from all sides of the world, people that I will talk with and help for the rest of my life!  They are family to me, I really do feel like that!  Why am I so lucky?  What did I do to be so blessed?  
Well, some news, Elder Nielson is getting transfered to Viseu, up kinda close to one of my old areas, Covilhã.  So he is going to be heading out tomorrow, and I will be recieving Elder Lopes, who is coming from my old Zone of Santarém.  I already know Elder Lopes, he served in my district when I was in Portimão, he was in Lagos.  He is from Cape Verde and he is just an awesome guy!!  I loved serving next to him on the other side of the Algarve, and now we are serving together on this side of the Algarve.  I will send some pics this next weeks to show you all who he is. 
I was super blessed to have been able to serve with Elder Nielson.  He is a young missionary still, and brought so so so much joy into the work.  Not one day passed where were not just laughing all the time, he is a good guy.  He has a huge heart for everyone, the people of Viseu are lucky to be getting him.  This last transfer was a good one.  It wasnt anything easy, but we did have some success.  We helped a man named I F come back to activity.    He is coming back and bringing his wife with him, that one day will get baptized.  She, I, is such an amazing lady!!  She has a huge heart, she always takes so good care of us, mom, you would be grateful for all that she has done for us haha.  I am lucky to have been apart of this work to be able to meet them and help them come to church!
This transfer is going to be the best of the best.  Thats for sure!  I have always strived to do my best, but man.... I love the sound of overtime.  The extra push at the end is always the one that makes the biggest difference in the end.  Its always the last effort, and that is what I am going to give for these next 6 weeks, my last push.  I am going to be more obedient then I have ever been, I am going to pray harder then I have ever prayed, work harder then I have ever worked, find more then I have ever found, learn more then I have ever learned, I am going to give it my all.  
And I ask one thing from you all, that you DO NOT REMIND ME OF HOW MUCH TIME I HAVE LEFT IN MY MISSION..... let me repeat that one more time DO NOT REMIND ME OF HOW MUCH TIME I HAVE IN MY MISSION:)  I am well aware of it, haha it makes me super nervous when I always have people tellin me about it, it throws me into a ton of emotion, and its not going to help me.  Please, help me do the best that I can for these 6 weeks:)  The Lord needs me, dont make Babylon shout out any louder then it already is.  
I love you all, pray for me:)  
Love Elder Daniel John Hatch

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