Hey Fam!
Well, this first week of the last transfer was a good one, I am loving serving with Elder Lopes, he is a great guy.  We have already seen a lot of success together, and I am sure that we will continue to see good success here for the next 5 weeks.  
Let me tell you a little about Elder Lopes.  He is a tall Cabo Verdiano, (from Cape Verde), and he is a convert five years ago.  He was baptized on the 22nd of December 5 years ago, and now is 22 years old.  Before he went on his mission he served as a branch president in Cabo Verde and did a dang good job at it:)  His branch had about 34 people coming to church when he was called as Branch President, and now, one year ago, the branch has already divided because it had 120 people.  That was a year ago, I cant imagine what its like now.  Can you guys imagine, a 20 year old branch president, recent convert?!  Wow!!  He has such a cool story.  He told me that he was pretty much just an elect for the missionaries, he always did everything that they told him to do.  I cant imagine what it must be like to serve in Cape Verde!  But ya, Elder Lopes is a good Elder and has a great testimony.  He has a sister and a brother who are members too, but the rest of his family isnt.  He will work on them after the mission for sure.  
This week we marked a man named A, also Caboverdiano, to be baptized on the 4th of November, so keep him in your prayers.  He is trying to make a good change in his life, and he is liking church so far, so it should work out good.  We also found some elect this last week, some Brasilians that are super cool.  I LOVE BRISILIANS!!  They are always so cool and you can always joke around with them like you have been their best friend forever.  
Other than thats its all cool, things are going good.  We have a lot to do for these next weeks, and I know that its going to all go by so quick.  So I am trying to milk out this mission thing as much as I can, aka, trying to have the best studies ever, be as obedient as I can, and help as many people as I can for these next 5 weeks.  
Tell Grandpa and Grandma Hatch that I got their letters and that I thank them so much!  I love hearing from them!
To answer some questions.  As a branch president I have to do all those things you asked about.  Dad, you should know what I have to do because its almost the same responsabilities as a bishop.  Just imagine that, but then take away your counsilors and Elders Quorum President, and put yourself in the corner of Portugal, and you know what I do;)  
Love you guys, make sure Jake Bradford knows I want to room with him at SUU, should be fun stuff.  
Elder Hatch