Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Week 91 November 5, 2012

Just us Missionaries!
I put my title as that because there seems to be a lot of people talking to me about whats going down in the Big USA.  I love love love LOVE my country, so sometimes its good to hear about it.  But usually its, oh the USA is not doing so good right now, or, oh lots of people died in the USA, or stuff like that hahaha people sure do like to find the good things about the States haha.  I love being an American, I am proud of it.  Which is pretty intense to see what route the states will take tomorrow, the Obamination or the Mitt Romney, should be interesting.  Hopefully I will hear about it tomorrow to see what ends out happening, but either way, thats not even close to what I am focused on here in Tavira, Portugal, I got other really important things to do here.  
Thats super cool to hear that Jared Beckstrand served here in Tavira!!!  Awesome!  I cant wait to hear about his experiences here and share some stories with him and stuff like that.  Tell him that when I get back I am going to want to talk with him and we can all share pictures and experiences, I look forward to it.  Tell him to not forget about it, because with all of the changes of coming back to the world, I might forget.  I love the Beckstrand family, they have always been such a good example to me.  
About your race, jeez, you guys are really getting into this running thing huh? hahahaha I am cool with that, I am up for it too, when I get back, give me one of those cool jerseys that you all wear and I will be there with you all.   Elder Lopes and I have been running 3 times a week so far and I LOVE how I feel after the run.  It helps with just about everything, being healthy is so worth it.  Which reminds me.... about the day when I get back and the homecoming meal and all of that, dont get offended if I dont eat much.  I eat like a sandwhich and a yogurt and feel full now haha, I dont want to explode with that meal.  Quick idea, we should totally have Hatch family running shirts that we can represent when we do these runs!  It would be super legit, Devin, take the wheel with that idea.
Well, things are going good here.  More new experiences, more learning, and more miracles.  It rained a ton here this last week, which was pretty chato, but hey, life goes on.  The Algarve needs the rain, so I am happy about it, its just annoying sometimes as a missionary, because we are constantly wet, there is no escaping it.  This last week we found an marked a good friend of mine, named Claudio, to be baptized on the 17th of November.  He is super excited for it all, and we are too.  He is really needing this help in his life right now, and needs a bright new future.  I look forward to keep working with him until that date.  We have also been helping 2 less active families come back to church, and they all showed up yesterday!  Way cool!  We are excited to see what the Lord has in store for them.  Lately we have also recieved some help from a missionary couple, Casal Rose, who live in Beja, a city about an hour to the north.  It was super helpful having them here with us, because we need all of the help that we can get here in the corner of Portugal.  
Well, I am going to let my comp write now.  I love you guys, keep up the running so I dont smoke you all when I get back...;)  But seriously Devin, you better watch out, because I will sneak up on you Santa man, coming home for Christmas;)
Love Elder Hatch

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