Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Week 92 November 12, 2012

Wow, I think this week I got more emails then I have gotten my whole mission haha.  I got like 28 emails or somethin, fogo, you guys dont need to write me that much, I will be back soon enough hahaha.  Joking, I love hearing from you all, but look forward more to talking with you all face to face.  I guess a lot of those emails are due to my tall buddy, AO, and all of his pictures haha, I love that kid!  Tell him hi for me.
Well, first, I need to know what my homecoming talk subject is.  Talk to bishop, tell him to pray about it:)  I want to make sure that I am decently prepared for it, being that I havent given a talk in english for over 2 years, I think I need to practice a little bit.  Also, mom and dad, talk to bishop and try to get as many friends as you can to church that day.  I challenge the ward with that.  Not because I want a lot of people there, I just wanna keep preaching this gospel to all who still dont have it in their lives, and that will be a good chance for us to do that.  Aka, talk to my friends.
Cool, thanks for the plans, looks like I am headed to Paris:)  Sounds good, I want to practice my french a little bit while I am there.  I have been learning a little bit of other languages since I have been here, and its fun to practice.  For example, my comp. is from Cape Verde, and there they speak Creolo, which is very similiar to Portuguese, but a little different.  Its fun to practice and try to speak, especially because there are a ton of Cabo Verdianos here.  The Portuguese language is awesome, I love it so much, although I dont speak it perfectly.  When you speak Portuguese, you understand spanish too haha.  
Elder Jared Beckstrand on his mission
Well, this week is going to fly by in a second.  Oh ya!  Before I forget, I heard that Beckstrand is coming to Portugal!!!!  So so so sick!  I am super excited for him!  I hope I will get to talk to him for a little bit before he goes out on the mission, and also his dad too!  Actually, tell his dad that one of the people that he helped be baptized is still super strong here in Tavira.  He actually lives in Vila Real de Santo António, but I saw a picture of him and Elder Cunha, at the baptism of this brother.  His name is J G!  Such a cool moment to see Brother Beckstrand at a young age doing work here.  Small world.  Irmão G was super excited to hear that I know Elder Beckstrand haha. 

Elder Hatch with Companion & C
Well, this week we are helping a good friend of mine, C, get ready for his baptism!  Its been a bunch of big miracles with him so far, and we look forward to help him create this new future, with new opportunities.  He loves the church, he loves everything about it.  He will be baptized this Saturday at the Algarve District Conference.  
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, we have to go to Faro for the District conference and because of my responsabilities as a branch president, so ya, the week will fly.
Well, I love you all.  I am not going to write much anymore, save my time to spend in Portugal.
Love Elder Hatch


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