Friday, November 30, 2012

Week 93 November 19, 2012

Sorry, here is the email I didnt send yesterday.
Well, Fam, this was seriously one of the best weeks of my mission, especially the weekend.  I feel like my heart is full, my happiness is complete, my mission, my battle, coming to the end.  I would love to tell you all about my week and weekend, which was amazing, but I will wait til we can talk face to face, I want to use all the time that I have left to see this beautiful country and people that I love.  I know that you understand and will forgive me.
Some things that have happened, District Conference in the Algarve, where I had the opportunity to see some of my recent Converts from Portimão and see their progress.  One of which was given the melq. Priesthood!  and also I had the privelage of baptizing my good friend, Cyesterday.  Very cool.  
I love you all, I am super excited to see you all, and I know that these next two weeks are going to fly by, so I am not going to waste too much time writing today.  Just know that I love you and I am super grateful for all of your support.  
Love Elder Daniel John Hatch
p.s sorry if I didnt answer some questions, no time

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